ReAct Inflow Valve

Our ReAct Inflow Valve facilitates the control of well flow through ports or installed chokes.


The ReAct™ Inflow Valve (RIV) is a permanently installed and electronically actuated sleeve-type valve that facilitates the control of well flow through ports or installed chokes. The on-board electronics require no connection to surface, as the valve uses our ReAct remote signaling technology.

Multiple valves can be installed in a wellbore with isolation packers above and below to provide zonal control and isolation. Their flexible functionality and modular design enable a range of applications such as remote water shutoff, selective startup, sand-screen optimization, and zonal fracturing.

A typical valve features two independent ReAct electronics modules—either of which can provide the actuation for the device. The electronics are easily programmed at the wellsite from a laptop computer running standard Windows software.

The valves can be run in either the open or closed position depending on the application, and current functionality allows the valve to be cycled twice. This means that, once in the well, a valve run in the closed position can be remotely signaled open and then remotely signaled back to the closed position. Contingency exists to open or close the valves at any time using conventional wireline techniques to mechanically shift the valves to the open or closed position, or by coiled tubing using our proprietary hydraulic shifting tool.


  • Field-proven electronics
  • Delayed function for up to 180 days
  • Top selective profile for pressure control accessories
  • Defaults to mechanical sleeve
  • Multiple valves in one well
  • Uses existing wireline intervention procedures when mechanically actuated
  • Large flow areas
  • Inexpensive option to smart well equipment
  • Sleep mode to extend valve life


  • Increased production due to better contribution from minor zones
  • Increased production from improved recovery
  • Increased production from subsequent water shutoff
  • No requirement for hydraulic lines or cables from surface to function the valve
  • Wirelessly open or close via demand signal from surface, eliminating the need for wireline conveyance


  • Delay production from a particular zone
  • Isolate laterals to allow staged startup
  • Flow control in laterals
  • Water shutoff after start-up
  • Test individual zones following start-up or during startup
  • Fracturing operations

ReAct Inflow Valve Specifications

Tool size 4.500 in. 5.500 in.
End connections 4½-in. 12.6# SL-HT 5½-in. 15.5# SL-HT
Material 13% Cr and Inconel 718 13% Cr
OD 5.750 in. max. 7.578 in. max.
ID 3.250 in. min. 4.313 in. min.
Flow area through valve body 8.295 in.2 14.610 in.2
Length 114.0 in. 136.0 in.
Tensile rating 288,00 lb٭ 361,200 lb٭
Compressive rating 215,700 lb٭ 181,300 lb٭
Torque rating 11,000 ft-lb٭ 8,700 ft-lb٭
Working pressure 5,000 psi 5,000 psi
Shi-ing force per 1,000 psi well pressure 8,618 lb 11,600 lb
Temperature rating 135 °C 135 °C
 Time delay Programmable up to 365 days  Programmable up to 365 days

*Governed by end connection rating.

  • ReAct Inflow Valve (RIV) Data Sheet

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