ReAct Tubing Filler Sub

The tubing filler sub runs above a plug to allow the tubing to fill automatically when running in hole.


Designed to be run above a plug or other piece of blanked off completion equipment, our tubing filler sub allows the tubing to fill automatically when running in hole.

This is achieved by a fluid entering the tubing from the annulus via four ports. Once the barrier device has been run to the required depth, the tubing filler sub is closed by building tubing pressure. This creates a backpressure that shifts the blanking sleeve to the closed position. The ports are now sealed shut, and the blanking sleeve is positively locked with a snap ring. The simple design of the tubing filler sub ensures its reliable operation. A shifting profile is included in the inside diameter (ID) of the blanking sleeve so that it can be mechanically shifted if required.


  • Simple, robust design
  • Valve automatically closes when subjected to differential pressure
  • Blanking sleeve positively locked shut after operation
  • Activation pressure can be adjusted to suit application
  • Shifting profile provided to allow manual override

ReAct Tubing Filler Sub Specifications

Tool size (in.) 3½ 4½ 5½
Top connection Customer specified Customer specified Customer specified
Metallic materials (ksi) 80 80 80
OD (in.) 4.45 5.85 7.625
ID (in.) 2.25 3.84 4.562
Length (in.) 40.50 40.50 48.00
Tensile rating As per top connection As per top connection As per top connection
Working pressure rating (psi) 5,000 5,000 5,000

Other sizes and ratings are available upon request.

  • Tubing Filler Sub Data Sheet

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