Silo Setters and Silos

A variety of silo setters and ASME code silos designed for increased convenience and reduced on-site footprint


Silo Setters 

Silo Setter Trailer

Towed by a fifth-wheel hitch, you can conveniently transport the Wilco™ silo setter trailer between field sites without using a separate trailer. This trailer is used to help meet the need to reduce the footprint of equipment on job sites. A single silo setter trailer can be used to transport and deploy multiple lay-down/stand-up (LDSU) silos, reducing the cost and square footage required to maintain a fleet of field bin storage trailers. It can be used in conjunction with several different sizes and models of our LDSU silo product line and other LDSU silo makes.

Silo Setter Truck

Wilco silo setter trucks are designed for the deployment of field lay-down/stand-up (LDSU) silos. Our design can be assembled to most standard makes and models of truck chassis.

Lay-Down/Stand-Up ASME Code Silos

Our lay-down/stand-up silos come complete with one 5-in. victaulic nipple with a butterfly valve and union attached for inlet; one 5-in. victaulic nipple with a butterfly valve and union attached for vent; one 5-in. victaulic nipple for discharge with a butterfly valve and union attached; one 2-in., 3,000-lb coupling with pressure relief in the vent line; one 20-in. hinged manway in shell with an access ladder; one 1.5-in., 3,000-lb coupling in the top head with the gauge line viewable from ground level; and an aeration system with inlet manifold. The aeration system includes four aeration cartridges and four aeration jets in cone. The aeration manifold comprises 3-in. pipe with a 2-in. inlet with union, butterfly valves for air control, and required check valves. A skid base with appropriate support saddles will be installed under the full length of the tank and at the tank base.


Silo Setter Trailer Power Unit

Power unit 74-hp (55-kW) EPA-compliant diesel engine of customer choice (standard power units are equipped with a Cummins engine)
Fuel tank 30-gal (114-L) aluminum fuel tank with fuel level indicator
Hydraulics 120-gal (454-L) stainless-steel hydraulic fluid reservoir complete with fluid level and temperature indicator, vented fill cap, and suction strainer; includes hydraulic fluid filters and hydraulic pressure relief valve
Gear pump 23 gal/min (87 L/min) at 1,800-rpm gear pump directly coupled to the diesel engine, providing continuous, reliable power to the trailer's systems

Silo Setter Trailer Suspension

Suspension Tandem 50,000-lb (22 680-kg) air ride suspension
Tires 11R22.5 tires
Kingpin coupler 2½ in. (63.5 mm)
Landing legs support 200,000 lb (90 720 kg)

Silo Setter Trailer Specifications

Stationary flatbed length 10 ft (3.05 m)
Tilting flatbed length 20 ft (6.1 m)
Bed width 8 ft 6 in. (2.6 m)
Overall trailer length 40 ft 7 in. (12.4 m)
Overall trailer width 8 ft 6 in. (2.6 m)
Overall trailer width (stabilizer legs deployed) 17 ft 1.5 in. (5.2 m)
Approximate trailer weight 20,400 lb (9253 kg)
Approximate trailer weight (with HPU) 23,600 lb (10 700 kg)
  • Wilco Silo Setter Trailer Specification Sheet

  • Wilco Silo Setter Truck Specification Sheet

  • Cementing Solutions Brochure

  • Wilco Capabilities and Services Brochure

  • Pressure Pumping and Cementing 24-hour Support Contacts

Process rendering of Silo Setter Trailer
Silo Setter Truck with silo
Wilco Silo Setter Truck with silo
A Wilco Lay Down Stand Up ASME Code Silo in the field
Lay Down Stand Up ASME Code Silo

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