Surge Tank

Designed and built per ASME code for 40-psi (2.76-kPa) working pressure at -20 °F (-29 °C.).


Wilco™ surge tanks for bulk material are 60 in. (1.52 m) in diameter and have an interior volume of 80 ft³ (2.26 m³). The tank is mounted on three legs. Included with the tank are one 5-in. (12.7-cm) inlet with butterfly valve flange, one 5-in. (12.7-cm) vent with victaulic nipple, one 5-in. (12.7-cm) discharge with butterfly valve flange, one 10-in. (25.4-cm) bottom discharge with 10-in. (25.4-cm) butterfly valve flange and 10-in. (25.4-cm) butterfly valve, and one 1-in. (2.54-cm) air inlet. The tank includes a 20-in. (50.8-cm) manway welded into the tank cone. Three sight glasses are installed in the tank for viewing the bulk material level. The tank is complete with a relief valve for relieving excess pressure and a bulk material aeration system. A pressure regulator is provided for supply of air at the proper pressure and rate to the surge tank aeration system. The distance from the 10-in. bottom outlet to the bottom of the support leg mounting plates is 36 in. to allow for ground mixing of cement.

The surge tank includes a constant pressure valve for control of the surge tank operating pressure. The outlet from the constant pressure valve is one 5-in. (12.7-cm) victaulic nipple. All necessary valves, controls, fittings, and hoses are included for operation of the constant pressure valve and tank aeration. Two pressure gauges are provided for monitoring the tank pressure and the constant pressure valve control pressure.

Our surge tanks also include sandblast and a three-coat paint system suitable for offshore service.


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