XLW Connectors

Combining the integrity of a wedge thread connector with the strength of a weld-on connector.



XLW is a unique hybrid connector—with a 35-year run history—that provides an integral pin thread and a weld-on box. The XLW connector features a flush inside diameter (ID) profile and an upset connector outside diameter (OD), which form an integral lift shoulder.

The XLW connector features wedge thread technology and an internal, metal-to-metal pressure seal and is rated to 100% for pipe body capacity in internal and external pressure, tension, compression, and bending. XLW connectors are ideally suited for critical casing strings in which both pressure and structural strength are design drivers, particularly when exposed to extreme axial and bending loads produced by ocean currents in deepwater environments.

XLW wedge thread is designed to have high breakout torque resistance. XLW threads act as an additional seal and have a low makeup torque while not being sensitive to over torquing. The torque resistance depends on the final makeup torque. Testing shows that wedge thread can be torqued to high values without impacting performance. XLW has a baseline torque resistance energy that XL Systems sets. Testing has proven that XLW has higher breakout torque resistance than competitors with physical anti-rotation (AR) devices. This built-in breakout torque resistance eliminates the need for AR devices, while a quick three-turn makeup completed by rig equipment reduces the hands-on interaction of personnel in the red zone.

XLW connectors are suitable for makeup with either power tongs or manual tongs. XLW connectors are manufactured in 20- to 48-in. diameters. The wedge thread design creates the largest possible contact surface area at makeup to provide superior compression and several times the torque strength of most competing technologies. Bending and compression capabilities make XLW preferable for demanding offshore environments.


  • Heavily loaded surface casing strings
  • Deepwater casing strings run in open water
  • Deviated wells


  • Breakout torque resistance eliminates the need for anti-rotation locking devices
  • Connector ratings equal full pipe body strength
  • Integral lift shoulder
  • Internal metal seal
  • Wedge thread technology


  • Reliable performance under extreme loading conditions
  • Easy running and handling offshore
  • Reliable pressure integrity
  • Easy spin-up, high torque capacity, and excellent resistance to anti-rotation
  • XLW Hybrid Weld-On Connector Flyer

  • XLW Connectors Data Sheet

  • XLW Connectors Product Summary Flyer

Render of an XLW connector
Wide angle side shot of an XLW connector

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