• "The Robot Roughnecks: Out of the Oil Bust Comes a Golden Age
    of Drilling Technology."


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    eVolve Optimization Service significantly improves performance in East Africa drilling operation

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    eVolve Optimization Service provides streaming data to extend reservoir by 656 ft

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    eVolve Optimization Service improves spud-to-TD time by 43% in Eagle Ford Shale operation

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  • Our eVolve Optimization Service offers tiered, customizable
    solutions that can be combined for powerful results.

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    Increase your drilling performance with 24/7 remote optimization and enhanced data analytics

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    Full optimization analysis derived from combined surface and downhole memory-mode measurements

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    Control Column


    Drilling automation with surface data-driven control applications to improve the execution phase of your drilling operations and further drive performance

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    Enhanced drilling automation through patented, closed-loop control improves performance and generates real-time analytics that support informed drilling decisions

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    eVolve Improves Performance in Eagle Ford

    eVolve Optimization Service helped increase drilling performance, reducing spud-to-TD time by 43%.

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    eVolve Reduces Number of BHAs Used in East Africa

    eVolve Optimization Service enabled optimal parameter changes to improve performance, reducing average BHAs used from 19 to 4.

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    eVolve Enhances Drilling in Haynesville

    eVolve Optimization Service helped mitigate damaging vibration and extend bit life, reducing average drilling time by approximately 37%.

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    eVolve Doubles ROP in Brazil Presalt

    eVolve Optimization Service delivers innovative solution to double ROP and save operator more than USD 700,000 in Brazil presalt application.

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    eVolve Reduces Drilling Time in Haynesville

    eVolve Optimization Service enabled the mitigation of torsional vibration in the BHA, reducing drilling time by 20%.

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    eVolve Streaming Data Extends Reservoir

    eVolve Optimization Service uses high-speed along-string measurements to extend drilling reservoir by 656 ft.

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    eVolve Reduces Drilling Time in Bakken

    eVolve Optimization Service helped to remove a costly bit trip in the vertical section of the well, leading to an average reduction in total drilling time of 25%.

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    eVolve Optimization Service
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    Advanced optimization and automation services to enhance drilling operations and increase cost-effectiveness.

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