NOV FluidControl combines Brandt® solids control and waste management with NOV fluids and services.

    We offer drilling operators a way to improve well performance through an integrated approach built on decades of effective fluids optimization and waste management experience at the drill site.

    NOV FluidControl is a technology and service driven company focused on safety and on your well development success. Our solutions are deliberately tailored to minimize fluids creation, reduce disposal costs and improve overall drilling and production performance. Available services range from Solids Control and Waste Management to Drilling and Completion Fluids.

    Our worldwide service and support enables us to provide individual or fully managed solutions that enhance your ability to drill a clean gauge hole while minimizing your environmental impact. By customizing our solutions to minimize fluids creation and reduce disposal costs, we can offer a superior alternative to the traditional method of conducting the drilling fluid business.

    Integrated solutions and NOV FluidControl.
    A better way to control fluids.

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    NOV® FluidControl provides superior drilling fluids products and technical solutions to the oil and gas industry. The fluids experts provide engineered solutions from planning to execution to post-well review. Detailed drilling programs, daily technical reports, ongoing analysis and post-well reports are provided to equip customers with the information required for a successful project.

    A full line of invert emulsion and water-based fluids is offered to meet individual project requirements. NOV FluidControl focuses on delivering high-performance, environmentally friendly drilling fluids.

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    Integrated completion fluids services are offered to facilitate final operations prior to initiation of production. NOV® FluidControl provides chemicals, filtration equipment and onsite expertise designed for optimal compatibility with each reservoir formation, enabling the client to control the well through precise flow and density settings.

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    For more information contact: fluids@nov.com

    Oil and gas wells cannot be drilled without creating waste. However, with good waste management practices, the amount of waste and the toxicity of waste can be reduced. By far, the greatest volume of waste generated in the drilling process is drilled cuttings. The first step and perhaps the best waste management practice is good solids control equipment, such as NOV® Brandt® shakers, mud conditioners, and centrifuges.

    Waste management is defined as everything that happens after primary solids control equipment. Waste management is composed of three main areas: transport/storage, treatment and cleanup.

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    For more information contact: brandt@nov.com