• We deliver at multiple levels.

    We can be your full integrated partner from concept to redeployment or simply be your technology provider, both with the objective to get your FPSO to first oil faster. Today's floating production projects face a complex landscape. By collaborating with you from project inception through operations, we have the ability to help you move more projects forward, more efficiently. Our comprehensive technologies such as mooring systems, flexible pipe, and topside processing modules work together to minimize your risk and maximize safety. Whether you believe there is a better way to bring FPSOs to the market or you are looking for a specific technology solution, NOV is there to provide you lasting production success.

    Navigate through the graphic below to learn how NOV can be your partner along each step of the FPSO development process.

    Concept Selection and pre-FEED

    In the concept selection phase, together with our clients, we create a well-informed comparison of the different concepts available such as performing a combined mooring and riser analysis to exploit efficiencies in the combined system design.

    Front end engineering design (FEED)

    Once a concept has been selected, we have experts in a variety of fields to provide a detailed FEED study. Our team of naval architects, structural engineers, mooring experts, process engineers, integration managers and design engineers work together to develop innovative solutions for complex projects. Our people are our strongest asset and deliver the highest quality of work for the success of our partners.

    Project Execution

    We are your single source throughout the entire project execution process. From designing and building the equipment to installation and integration at the shipyards, we reduce the risk for our customers giving them a predictable budget and schedule.

    With the recent acquisition of Profab and our new Flexibles plant in Brazil, we are expanding our ownership of the entire value chain to include fabrication and local content. We provide you with more certainty and ensure that the highest quality of equipment and service is delivered.


    Our truly disconnectable turret, the STP, is designed to be installed at the field, together with the mooring and risers, regardless of the FPSO schedule. We are able to de-couple the shipyard and field installation schedules to optimize time and costs, promoting efficiencies to your offshore installation campaign.


    Operational expenses are hard to predict. With a reputation for producing the most advanced, reliable equipment, we can help you achieve cost-efficient opperations.

    Our disconnectable mooring system allows the vessel to easily return to the shipyard for any planned and unplanned maintenance. During harsh weather conditions, the vessel can quickly move out of harm’s way by disconnecting the buoy-- protecting personnel, equipment and the environment.

    We have also developed a unique intelligent monitoring system for flexible pipes. Using optic fiber technology we can now help operators avoid unplanned production shutdowns, minimize hydrate formation and waxing and monitor system configuration integrity. The system entails a suite of temperature and strain monitoring options that provide real- time event detection as well as long-term data collection. The date provides very accurate information the integrity of the flexible pipe systems during service. This monitoring system constitutes an important part of an overall general-purpose integrity mooring system.


    We design and build our equipment with redeployment in mind. We understand the challenges in floating production and that’s why we are a partner that helps you plan ahead to reduce time and cost and deliver peace of mind. We focus on lasting production success.

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  • Design Optimization

    Newbuild FPSOs allow for design optimization that contribute to improved safety, timely delivery and improved cost control. Newbuild FPSOs can also better address the need for heavier and larger topsides. NOV have developed an FPSO concept that can be designed to process 300kbd, while having 2 million bbl storage capacity with an optimum length and breadth ratio that will optimize steel weight and brings additional savings due to compounding effects on the overall design.



    Considerable optimizations can be achieved by the industrialization of the newbuild concept. We are entering the FPSO business by bringing the industrialization concept to design and construction, a successful approach already implemented and proven in the drilling industry. Through its FPSO series concepts and integrated package solutions, NOV brings a more effective and predictive supply chain to the market by fully controlling the process through its own engineering, technology and products.


    Going large

    The NOV FPSO concept offers great opportunity for the Brazil offshore market, made up of large and complex fields, with high producing wells that require bigger and heavier topsides. Newbuild FPSOs with standardized design, interfaces and adequate topside footprint can be constructed in a series which brings down costs and reduces schedule, contributing for a faster monetization of large reserves. We believe that going large and optimized is certainly the future of the FPSO industry and that is only possible through newbuild FPSOs.

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