• Fiber Glass Systems is the leader for time-tested piping systems for underground fueling systems. We have proven our leadership with almost 50 years of continuous supply of two brands of UL Listed products for underground fuel handling. With a combined experience approaching 100 years, Red Thread IIA, Dualoy 3000/L and 3000/LCX have never been removed due to fuel incompatibility. Our products are manufactured for today's fuel blends and tomorrow's.

    Our products are made with thermosetting, aromatic amine cured epoxy resin, ensuring no maintenance or replacement costs due to fuel incompatibility. In addition, our superior flow capabilities mean more flow at significantly lower pumping costs when compared to competitive products. Finally, using our Bonded Sump Entry Fitting – Termination Style helps eliminate the expense of pumping out leaking sumps, which can be substantial.

  • Our Red Thread™ IIA and Dualoy™ fiberglass pipe have been setting the standard for decades


    100 Million Feet


    2.1 Trillion Gallons


    30-Year Warranty

    50-Years UL Listed

    50-years UL LISTED


    Highlight a year to find out more about our long history in fuel handling piping systems.

    1. First fiberglass gas station installation in the Houston, Texas area using Red Thread™ pipe  
    2. Red Thread IIA was the first non-metallic pipe to receive UL Listed  
    3. Dualoy™ 3000/L UL Listed for non-metallic underground piping  
    4. First service station in Oregon to be secondarily contained using Red Thread IIA pipe  
    5. Dualoy™ 3000/LCX pipe (Coaxial Construction) was first installed  
    6. Fiber Glass Systems implements a 30-year warranty from internal/external corrosion for both Red Thread IIA and Dualoy piping systems  
    7. First approved under the revised 2004 UL971 standard and the only supplier qualified before the July 1, 2005 effective date  
    8. Red Thread IIA fifty years UL LISTED  
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