• You asked, we delivered.
    Our latest innovations came directly from customer feedback, making this our easiest pump to maintain, ever.


    Access Covers


    Removal of Tie Bars


    Positive Torque Split Coupling Rod


    Captive Support Foot

  • Why Maintain-in-Place with NOV?

    For the newest iteration of our EZstrip maintain-in-place progressing cavity pump, we designed new features to make maintenance even more user friendly than before. In addition to our patented split suction chamber, we’ve removed the tie bars, designed a new positive torque split coupling rod and added a captive support foot. That means faster, easier maintenance for you without sacrificing any pumping performance.

    Our EZstrip progressing cavity pumps offer an innovative solution for materials transfer and sludge conditioning to keep your operations flowing – safely and efficiently. Whether you’re managing a treatment facility in municipal wastewater, mining or a chemical process industry, we’re ready to help you stay productive.

  • Timeline

    Highlight a year to find out more about the history of our maintain-in-place pumps.

    1. First sale of a Moyno™ maintain-in-place pump in the U.S.  
    2. Moyno™ maintain-in-place pump is granted its first U.S. patent  
    3. First sale of the Mono™ EZstrip Transfer Pump in the United Kingdom  
    4. Mono™ EZstrip Transfer Pump is granted its first patent in the United Kingdom  
    5. First sale of the Mono™ EZstrip Cake Pump in the United Kingdom  
    6. Mono™ EZstrip Transfer Pump is granted its first patent in Europe  
    7. NOV launches its latest version of the EZstrip pump globally under both the Mono™ and Moyno™ brands  
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