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Versatile by design

For over 65 years, Bondstrand™ has been a leading and trusted provider of corrosion-resistant, nonmetallic composite solutions for marine and offshore project applications. Combined with our unique range of engineering services, Bondstrand provides end users with versatile alternatives to traditional materials—including glass-reinforced epoxy (GRE) piping, fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) structures, and composite pressure vessels.

We've worked on everything from FPSO and FLNG vessels to submarines, warships, and drillships, supplying miles of pipework and composite structures that saved hundreds of tons in weight and eliminated corrosion. This wide implementation is possible because with a Fiber Glass Systems composite solution, you receive the support and coverage of a global organization with a commitment to your success. With our Bondstrand product line, we're upholding a legacy of excellence as we continue to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Read the full story about how we applied an advanced design and advanced manufacturing solution to the BP Clair Ridge project, saving over 700 tons in weight here.

Our GRE and FRP products are lightweight, require minimal maintenance, are highly durable and corrosion resistant, and are ideally suited to extreme marine and offshore environments:

  • Bondstrand GRE Piping systems
    • Reduced capital cost
  • Bondstrand FRP Tertiary Structures
    • Substantial weight savings
  • Bondstrand Composite Pressure Vessels
    • Corrosion-free
  • Bondstrand Engineering Services
    • Advanced design and advanced manufacturing
  • Composite Engineering and Product Guideline for Marine, Offshore, and Subsea Projects
  • BP Clair Ridge: the Bondstrand Weight Reduction Plan Case Study
  • A Lighter Heart For A Heavy Lifter Case Study
  • Bondstrand Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy Piping Systems for Offshore Applications Brochure
  • AIOC Platform Full-Field Development Project Brochure
  • Bondstrand 2400 Series Product Data Sheet
  • Bondstrand 2400 Data Sheet
  • Bondstrand FP Series Data Sheet
  • Bondstrand LD Series Data Sheet
  • Bondstrand 2000M/7000M for Marine & Offshore Data Sheet
  • Bondstrand Structural FRP Products for Topsides Flyer
  • Bondstrand Composite Pressure Vessels Flyer
  • Bondstrand Retrofit Applications Flyer
  • Bondstrand Structural FRP Products for Subsea Flyer
  • Bondstrand Structural FRP Products for Topsides Flyer
  • Engineering Services - Marine, Offshore & Subsea Flyer


  • Bondstrand pioneered the use of GRE piping in marine applications in the early 1970s.
  • Marine offshore market has been demanding increases in product and service performance as well as a reduction in the total cost of ownership of equipment. FGS introduces Advanced Design and Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Bondstrand evolved from world-class GRE piping systems to encompass composite pressure vessels and composite structures.
  • Bondstrand has accumulated unique project deliverables worldwide, tackling industry problems in safety, reliability, weight, cost, and maintenance.
  • Our vision for the future: Bondstrand is the enabler, designing and engineering composite solutions for worldwide offshore projects.

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