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Fleet Care

NOV’s commitment to caring for your fleet is unmatched, offering the industry's most comprehensive suite of services that includes 24/7 technical support, spare parts, field service, repair, training, rentals, exchanges, upgrades, and project management.

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The Fleet Care program was designed to enhance customer support, delivering valuable life-cycle solutions and building strategic business partnerships. The Fleet Care managers provide a simple interface with NOV, bringing all of our expertise together to help customers experience maximum performance and improve their total cost of ownership. Please contact us to learn more about our programs, which leverage multiple services to deliver value and meet customer objectives.

  • Aftermarket Projects Group Flyer

    We partner with you to ensure you have the most flexible and optimal solution to meet your unique challenges – keeping your rig and equipment running on time and on budget.

  • Baku Service Center Flyer
  • Chennai Machining Centre Flyer
  • Competency Services and Solutions Flyer
  • Fleet Care Field Engineering Flyer
  • Fleet Care Field Service Flyer

    The Field Service & Repair team stands ready to execute the plans for your fleet. Our field service engineers are specially trained in NOV Technical Colleges around the globe.

  • Fleet Care Recertification Flyer
  • Fleet Care Repair Flyer (English)

    An overview flyer of our Fleet Care Repair capabilities.

  • Fleet Care Rig Activation Flyer

    You can avoid unnecessary downtime and complications on idle equipment with a short inspection by your OEM prior to use.

  • Fleet Care Spare Parts Flyer (English)

    An overview flyer of our spare parts facilities and capabilities.

  • Fleet Care Stacking Programs Brochure

    As the OEM, we can help you find the best solution to mitigate your risk and ensure your fleet is in optimal shape while waiting on the next contract.

  • Fleet Care TrackerVision Technology Flyer (Offshore)

    An overview flyer of our TrackerVision real-time technology wearable for offshore.

  • Odessa Service and Repair Center Flyer

    Odessa Service Center, providing the repair and service needs of the Permian Basin

  • Pressure Control Inspection and Repair Brochure

    An overview flyer of our Pressure Control Inspection and Repair capabilities.

  • Rig Technologies Quality Policy
  • Rig Technologies Stacking Programs Flyer

    Our global team of experts work with you to help with the preservation and reactivation of your rigs between contracts to ensure that they are running optimally and contract-ready as soon as you need them.

  • Sogne Repair Center Flyer
  • Stasis Warm Stacking Kit Flyer

    An overview flyer our warm stacking kit. During a warm stacking period, it is essential to keep machines and equipment moving to prevent deterioration.

  • Technical Equipment Support Service Flyer

Our Offerings

Technicians on offshore rig

Rig Performance

Is your rig running at peak performance?

Technician on rig next to top drive

Condition-Based Maintenance

Are you optimizing your maintenance program?

Fleet Care condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Would you like improved insight into your equipment health?

Three NOV Technicians discuss while looking at equipment

Preventive Maintenance

Are you maintaining your equipment efficiently?

Fleet Care project execution

Project Execution

Can we help you deliver on time and on budget?

Worn rig equipment

Stacking, Preservation, and Reactivations

Do you have reactivation plans in place?

Interested in a Fleet Care Solution?

To learn more about how our Fleet Care programs leverage multiple services to deliver value and meet customer objectives, contact us at [email protected].