Land Rig Upgrade Packs

Strengthen your rig fleet with more efficient drilling performance

Land rig against blue sky

Shifting Gears

Those who have the vision to see the industry's recovery as an opportunity to improve their equipment will surge ahead. At NOV we're ready to provide the momentum and materials to move your business forward and outfit your rigs with torque and hydraulic upgrades to go from acceptable to exceptional.

Timing is everything in this industry when it comes to staying one step ahead of the competition. NOV upgrades allow you to firmly have the freedom and flexibility to take on the bigger jobs, deeper wells and tougher terrains ahead.

Hydraulic Pack

With demands increasing on directional and horizontal drilling capabilities, we are ready with higher-pressure pumps and drilling systems. We know the market is mandating that you drill further and deeper than ever before, and NOV's 7,500-psi equipment upgrade pack is equipped to take you there.

Level up with more capacity to take on extreme workloads
With the NOV hydraulics upgrade pack, your rig is primed to drill deeper, longer laterals and wells that are more complex. Our upgrade package integrates seamlessly with your rig, providing the power and additional hydraulic pressure to drill in today's challenging drilling environment.

Torque Pack

As the industry continues to push forward and demand more torque and power, our Torque Pack offers you the chance to upgrade your existing top drive and iron roughneck and increase your setback.

The power and torque you need to drive longer, heavier strings in more complex well construction
Evolving alongside the drilling industry with new innovations to tackle the new drilling challenges – we are focused on our customers and meeting their needs.

Optimization Packs

Technician operating control cabin


The conventional drilling process is dependent on the experience of the driller. NOV Automation gives you the opportunity to capture lessons learned from well to well, apply improved processes and drilling parameters, and reduce the potential for human inconsistency in your drilling operations.

From a 42% reduction in spud-to-TD time in the Eagle Ford to an additional 15% of reservoir access in Norway, NOV is setting the standard for automation systems around the world.

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