Offshore Equipment Upgrades

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Shifting Gears

Drilling contractors who see the industry’s recovery as an opportunity to upgrade their equipment are separating themselves from the pack. At NOV, we’re ready to provide the momentum and materials to move your business forward and outfit your rigs with higher hookloads, automated piphandling, and advanced motion compensation.

Strengthen your rig fleet with the latest drilling technology — Timing is everything in this industry when it comes to staying one step ahead of the competition. NOV upgrades allow you to raise your rig to a higher standard and take on bigger jobs, deeper wells, and the tougher terrains ahead.

Hookup Upgrades

With drilling programs that require longer wells and bigger casing strings, we are ready with custom hookload upgrades suited to upgrade your hookload. We know the market is looking for rigs that can drill faster and deeper than ever before, and NOV’s hookload upgrades are designed to take you there.

Bring your rig into the conversation: Rigs with 1500 ton hookloads have a utilization rate higher than those at 1250 tons and below. Your rig may be an eligible candidate for an upgrade.

Top Drive Systems

As one of the most transformative developments in drilling history, NOV top drive systems are now the industry standard for both offshore and land drilling rigs.

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Rotary and Handling Tools

High-quality pipe-handling tools backed by more than 150 years of combined experienced in the industry

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Drilling Structures

Bringing together the history and experience of leading rig designers and manufacturers, we offer innovative rig designs and the service behind them to meet your rig structure needs.

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Jackup Pipehandling Upgrades

Understanding and anticipating your needs pushes us forward: Automation, efficiency and safety are three words that every operator loves to hear. With NOV drillfloor upgrades, we can help you take your existing jackup to a new standard. We have a proven track record for completing upgrades within a tight shipyard window and can work with you to custom-tailor a work scope that is right for your rig.

Bring your rig into the conversation: Rigs with automated racking capabilities have a utilization rate higher than manual racking systems. Your rig may be an eligible candidate for an upgrade.

Pipe Handling Systems

As the industry’s leading provider of horizontal and vertical pipe-handling and racking systems, we deliver turnkey solutions and upgrades for traditional, mechanized, and fully automated drill floors.

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Iron Roughnecks

As the versatile, safe, and dependable solution for making tubular connections on the drill floor, our iron roughnecks minimize rig floor hazards and streamline the make-and-break process.

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Motion Compensation Upgrades

We’re constantly working to solve your operational challenges: Operators are looking for rigs with the right combination of technology, efficiency, and redundancy. Let our experts help you design a motion compensation solution that can turn a stacked rig back into a drilling rig.

Bring your rig into the conversation: Rigs with CMC’s and an active heave drawworks have a utilization rate higher than other rigs of a similar hookload. Your rig may be an eligible candidate for an upgrade.

Motion Compensation Systems

Our motion compensation systems compensate for the vertical movement of offshore drilling rigs by isolating motion from the drill string, preventing riser string buckling, and providing constant tension to guidelines and podlines

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Drilling Drawworks and Hoisting Systems

With more than 100 years of experience, our line of premier drilling drawworks models ranges from a 700-hp drawworks for mobile land rigs to a 9,000-hp active-heave drawworks for floating rigs.

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Optimization Upgrades

We deliver success: If your drilling equipment is already on the cutting edge of technology, build upon that foundation to ensure that your equipment is running at peak performance and stays healthy.

Bring your rig into the conversation: We can help you with a wide range of optimization services that allow you to remotely monitor equipment health, automate repetitive tasks and get the most out of your assets.

NOV Drilling Automation

Combining full process automation and data integration to increase safety, performance, and consistency in drilling operations.

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