Revolutionizing Subsea 20K Technology

Cut more. Weigh less. Last longer. Our 20K BOP revolutionizes subsea pressure control and raises drilling equipment standards in safety and reliability.

Subsea technology on sea floor

Taking equipment standards to new depths

From the topside to the seafloor, we're raising the bar on drilling technology standards to enable reliable solutions for your subsea control equipment and increase your uptime significantly. With a focus on safety, we go beyond API requirements for subsea technology—performing more cycles and applying more tests to prove our robust equipment exceeds your standards. We're creating technology for tomorrow that can work with equipment you have today—delivering the ease of maintenance and service with drilling equipment that's reliable.

  • NOV 20K Subsea BOP System Brochure

  • Hands Free Gooseneck Data Sheet

  • EHBS Adjustable Timing Circuit Actuator Data SheetData sheet for the Koomey® Emergency Hydraulic Back-up System (EHBS), an independent hydraulic control pod mounted on the lower BOP stack.

  • Pressure Control Inspection and Repair BrochureAn overview flyer of our Pressure Control Inspection and Repair capabilities.

  • RCX Low-Shock SPM Valve Data Sheet

  • CHX WLHD Connector Data Sheet

  • Riser Data SheetData sheets for Dog Type 2™, Flange Type-E™, Flange Type-H™, and Flange Type-H DG™ marine riser systems

  • Depth Compensated Bottles Data SheetDepth Compensated Bottles allow for BOP functionality at deeper water depths and in more challenging reservoirs.

Our Offerings

BOP Callouts

RCX Pods

NOV’s next-generation control system combines enhanced reliability with retrievability to minimize downtime on the rig. High-quality components have been combined with circuit simplification to achieve maximum reliability. Retrievability enables the ability to repair the pod without LMRP retrieval.

RCX Low-Shock SPM Valves

The new RCX Low-Shock SPM valve assemblies have been created to address industry requests for a more robust and reliable valve. The valves are direct circuit replacements with matched flow rates. Closing times are not affected. The valves use improved materials and are designed to reduce hydraulic shock (water hammer). The valves must be used with RCX Low-Shock SPM valve blocks.


The new NOV 20K BOP is designed to handle your toughest drilling operations. It will be controlled by the new RCX control pods. With new regulations, stack pulls have become more frequent, raising costs and inefficiency.

20K Riser

We offer a complete range of Shaffer marine riser systems from shallow water to ultradeep drilling applications, including riser analysis. The riser system facilitates the return of drilling mud to the diverter, connects the choke and kill conduits from the surface to the subsea BOP stack, and directs hydraulic control fluid to and from the control pods.

Low-Force Shear Ram Technology

The LFS is a shear ram that enhances the features of NOV's Shaffer Shear family, assuring multiple shear and sealing sequences while hung off in a cavity below the shear ram cavity. No additional force is required to manipulate the fish. This multiple-shear-and-seal capability enhances shear ram reliability and extends the length of BOP stack deployment. The LFS Shear Ram reduces the shear force required by at least 50%. Drill pipe is getting stronger and tougher as we drill deeper. The LFS Shear can cut 5⅞ to 27 lb/ft without a booster.

Depth-Compensated Bottles

RCX Depth-Compensated Bottles allow for BOP functionality at deeper water depths and in more challenging reservoirs. Through advanced technology, NOV's exclusive depth-compensated bottles reduce overall assembly weight and maintenance needs while maintaining performance regardless of water depths.

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