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Reduce NPT and lower maintenance costs

Geared towards drilling contractors who are driven to reduce nonproductive time and lower maintenance costs, Rigsentry™ combines original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment knowledge with the Max™ Big Data platform to pull value out of your rig data. With solutions for land rigs, topside drilling packages, and subsurface pressure control equipment, the Rigsentry family provides detailed insight into the health of your equipment.

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DNV and ABS certifications

OEM Services Recognized by ABS and DNV-GL

Rigsentry is the 1st and only OEM to be certified by both ABS and DNV-GL as an approved supplier of condition monitoring services for drilling and subsea equipment. NOV’s accredited services employ advanced online continuous monitoring technologies that, when paired with our OEM life cycle program, allow you to achieve health and reliability certifications that:

  • increase equipment availability
  • ease customer effort to achieve/maintain class notation
  • increase vessel marketability

Rig Monitoring

Rigsentry Rig Monitoring products and services provide a detailed view of the health of NOV equipment and empowers you to operate and maintain it more effectively.

Rigsentry bridges the technological gaps between traditional maintenance, CBM, and other maintenance optimization approaches.

Accurate information about equipment health enables predictive maintenance programs, contributing toward continuous re-certification where major services and overhauls are triggered by equipment condition.

BOP Monitoring

Rigsentry BOP Monitoring products and services are designed to facilitate condition based maintenance and to maximize subsea uptime.

On the rig, information is collected from the BOP control system to monitor cycle, flow, run-time, and time-in-service data from equipment components.

The subsea equipment undergoes constant analysis to detect any latent failures. This includes the compliance with regulatory standards and the statistical likelihood of equipment remaining within your operational limits for the duration of the well.

Rigsentry BOP Monitoring products and services are designed to facilitate condition-based maintenance

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