The VectorEXAKT tool is the most accurate rotary steerable system on the market and drills the straightest shafts and raisebore pilot holes.

As mine depths and angles continue to increase, the ability to precisely drill shafts and pilot holes to underground targets has become critical. The NOV™ VectorEXAKT™ tool is the most accurate directional drilling tool available and ensures you hit your underground target the first time.

The VectorEXAKT tool has been used to precisely drill shafts in mines for more than 20 years and across six continents, including most recently setting the world record pilot hole length on target by Master Drilling Group in South Africa where a 1,382 m shaft was drilled with only 15 cm deflection.

With a wide parameter operating window, the VectorEXAKT tool enables miners to confidently push the envelope of drilling speed and reduce drilling time while maintaining the shaft trajectory on target.

To find out how the VectorEXAKT rotary steerable system can hit your target the first time – guaranteed, contact us below.