Bowen Through the Years

1910 – S.R. Bowen creates his first company.

1935 – The Bowen Series 150 overshot sparks the innovation of fishing tools across the industry.

1938 – The Bowen full-circle spear pioneers the internal method of engaging and releasing fish.

1939 – The invention of the Bowen Itco spear allows a simpler, dependable, inexpensive means of engaging fish.

1945 – The power swivel introduces rotary power to downhole remedial activity.

1950 – Bowen introduces the hydraulic fishing jar with fluid-powered design.

1953 – The internal pipe cutter enables simpler, faster work of downhole cuts.

1992 – The Bowen Super II Jar allows the user to control the intensity of the jarring blow by varying the applied load.

2000 – NOV acquires Bowen.

2001 – Bowen creates the Smooth Bore Packer Receiver.

2006 – We design the Bowen High-Pressure Casing Patch.

2013 – The Bowen Wide-Catch Overshot offers extended catch range that's up to four times greater than any overshot on the market.

2015 – Bowen celebrates 15 years with NOV.