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With a history dating back more than 105 years, Bowen continues to design and provide the world's most advanced fishing tool technology today.

More than a name. Our legacy.

Bowen dates back more than 105 years, when S.R. Bowen founded his first company in Coalinga, California. Shortly after the United States entered World War I, S.R. sold the Coalinga shop. He formed a second company, the S.R. Bowen Company, in 1920 in Huntington Beach.

Bowen employee working in a manufacturing facility

In the early 1930s, the consequences of the stock market crash prompted S.R. Bowen to consider starting a company in Houston, where oil exploration and drilling was accelerating. In the early spring of 1934, his son Walter and a friend formed Bowen Company of Texas.

Bowen™ became a leader in innovation with the creation of the first overshot, the Series 150, in 1935. This tool set the standard for fishing equipment, and the quick acceptance of the tool assured the company partners that their business would be successful. The company continued to create new products, building a reputation for their well tool design and construction.

NOV acquired Bowen in 2000, and we continue to design and provide the world's most advanced fishing tool technology.

Bowen invented the Series 150 overshot in 1935. The tool that set the standard for overshots turned 80 in 2015.

The Wide-Catch overshot offers an extended catch range that's up to four times greater than any other overshot on the market.

We designed the largest overshot ever made to catch a 42-in. fish. The tool was more than 7 ft long and weighed 13,250 lb.

Bowen Through the Years

1910 – S.R. Bowen creates his first company.

1935 – The Bowen Series 150 overshot sparks the innovation of fishing tools across the industry.

1938 – The Bowen full-circle spear pioneers the internal method of engaging and releasing fish.

1939 – The invention of the Bowen Itco spear allows a simpler, dependable, inexpensive means of engaging fish.

1945 – The power swivel introduces rotary power to downhole remedial activity.

1950 – Bowen introduces the hydraulic fishing jar with fluid-powered design.

1953 – The internal pipe cutter enables simpler, faster work of downhole cuts.

1992 – The Bowen Super II Jar allows the user to control the intensity of the jarring blow by varying the applied load.

2000 – NOV acquires Bowen.

2001 – Bowen creates the Smooth Bore Packer Receiver.

2006 – We design the Bowen High-Pressure Casing Patch.

2013 – The Bowen Wide-Catch Overshot offers extended catch range that's up to four times greater than any overshot on the market.

2015 – Bowen celebrates 15 years with NOV.