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We design, manufacture, and offer the renowned BRANDT solids control and waste management products and services.

An industry leader and innovator of drilling fluids separation and management products and services

Since 1972, BRANDT™ products and services have been improving overall drilling performance and lowering the customer's bottom line by efficiently separating solids and helping reclaim drilling fluids for reuse. BRANDT continues to transform how the industry separates solids and waste. We operate a global network of sales, service, manufacturing, distribution, and waste treatment facilities.

BRANDT is part of WellSite Services along with our solids control and waste management rental and services, Managed Pressure Drilling, and Site Services—whose focus is servicing the wellbore and streamlining logistics at the wellsite. WellSite Services conducts operations in every part of the world that drilling and production take place.

Brandt Alpha Shaker with promo logo, on grassy field with trees in the background

BRANDT Shakers

We design, manufacture, and sell the renowned BRANDT solids control and waste management product lines. Whether they're owned or leased, BRANDT products lower the customer's bottom line by efficiently separating solids and helping reclaim drilling fluids for reuse.

Close up shot of an Alpha Shaker screen


BRANDT manufactured screens combine proven mesh combinations with a unibody design for improved separation efficiency. Our screens are engineered to meet the exact design specifications of both BRANDT OEM shakers as well as non-NOV shakers. In addition, all our screens are API RP 13C compliant.

Overhead shot of a Brandt centrifuge


BRANDT manufactures a fleet of durable, rugged and high-performance centrifuges. Our centrifuges are used to process unweighted and weighted, water-based and oil-based drilling fluids.  Our family of high-speed centrifuges can handle flow rates from 200-550 gpm, covering separation applications from small to large.

Render of M-10 Horizontal Dryer


Our vertical and horizontal dryers reduce and recover base fluid from a variety of feed slurries as well as shale shaker discarded drilled cuttings. The use of BRANDT dryers reduces drilling mud costs and mud discharge, which lessens the environmental impact.

Render of an agitator


BRANDT agitators serve the drilling industry with high-quality, time-proven mechanical agitation. HMA-RG horizontally skid-mounted agitators are robust, heavy-duty mechanical mixers.

Our agitators power the drilling industry with high-quality, time-proven mechanical agitation.

A render of a DG Series Degasser


Our DG degassers efficiently and effectively remove gases from gas-cut mud. This ensures the proper mud weight is pumped downhole, aiding in the prevention of blowouts. In addition, the DG degasser improves the performance of surface mud systems and increases operational safety by removing most entrained gases in drilling fluids immediately downstream of the shakers and upstream of any centrifugal pumps. DG degassers are engineered and manufactured to provide years of reliable service.

Image of a mud tank system outside of a facility, near other systems and machinery

Mud Tank Systems

Whether it's one of our BRANDT modular mud tank systems or a customized piece designed from your drawings, our new manufacturing facility not only means we can make it but guarantees that every piece of equipment we make meets the high standards of quality and safety that our BRANDT name has come to represent. It also means ready access to our deep expertise and industry know how, with over 40 years of specialized, in house solids control and mud system design experience.

  • Ideal Mud Tank System
  • Rapid Mud Tank System
Render of a Gumbo Box, front-facing

Gumbo Box

Gumbo boxes are the first step in effective solids control when large, sticky, hydrated clays (gumbo) and other troublesome solids are encountered during drilling. Gumbo boxes use a motorized chain conveyor to remove problematic solids before they reach the shale shakers. The removal of gumbo and other solids by these units allows the downstream solids control equipment to operate more efficiently.

Render of  screw conveyor systems

Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors are typically used to transport drilled cuttings from the shale shaker area to a discharge port, skip, or to secondary processing equipment. FluidControl screw conveyors are available with e-stop kill switches as well as grab lines, which stop the unit in the event of an emergency. A variable-speed drive controls the rate of conveyance. The tops of the units are fitted with expanded metal covers for feed areas and solid covers for non-feed areas.