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Cellar Tech

Our containment well cellar is an alternative solution to a long overdue problem that meets the modern oilfield's need for increased operational efficiency, while performing at higher HSE standards.

Below grade production, simultaneous operations, and return to pad efficiency

Our Cellar Tech line of products and services offer innovative solutions. We are the leading provider in well cellars, cellar installation, casing hangers, and more. Beyond our products, our goal is to improve worker safety, environmental stewardship, and operational performance while reducing cost to E&P companies.

Learn about our wide array of WellSite Services products that service the wellbore and streamline logistics, including shakers, centrifuges, managed pressure drilling solutions, generators, and more.

Render of casing hanger in use

Surface Casing Hanger

Our patent-pending surface casing hanger systems install easily and can be welded to the surface casing before arriving at the wellsite so that no welding is done on location. All welding performed at the Cellar Tech facility is inspected and certified.

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Four, red spud risers laid on the ground

Quick-Connect Spud Risers

During cementing operations, taking returns to the cellar may result in issues that can slow down the drilling process. Many companies prefer to use a riser for handling returns, however these can be cumbersome to rig up and down on location. Additionally, welding is needed to utilize a traditional riser, bringing in added contractors and delaying the drilling process. Our Cellar Tech's Quick Connect Spud Risers overcome all of the aforementioned problems and have a proven track record of saving hours of rig time per well.

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On-site Containment Well Cellar Installation

Containment Well Cellar

Installation of your Cellar Tech containment well cellar is a straightforward exercise requiring basic excavating equipment. Upon completion, the well cellar will lower costs over the lifetime of the well, improve environmental stewardship, and increase worker safety in and around the well cellar.

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Site installation of Below Grade Production Facilities

Below Grade Production Facilities

Our containment well cellars can enable production trees to be completely below grade or tubing heads to be just below grade, enabling wells to produce while being safely covered. In doing so, you can minimize or eliminate contamination of new-wellbore soil and water, provide a safe and controlled work environment at the wellsite, reduce footprint by increasing wellbore count in a pad, and reduce the need for OSHA-required confined-space entry permits.

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