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A piece of Chemineer equipment on wheels

Chemineer Rotating Mixers

Chemineer mixing equipment is globally recognized for innovation in designing and manufacturing standard and customized fluid agitation equipment and systems.

Chemineer Overview

Since its start in 1952 from an attic office and basement R&D lab in Dayton, Ohio, Chemineer has grown to become a globally recognized brand housing family brands such as Prochem, Kenics, and Greerco. The Chemineer brand is recognized for innovation in designing and manufacturing standards and customized fluid agitation equipment and systems. Serving customers worldwide, Chemineer has established its presence in major segments of the chemical, water and wastewater treatment, plastics and resins, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and pharmaceutical industries.

Chemineer maintains manufacturing facilities in Ohio, England, and China and sales offices in most major countries throughout the world.

Backed by a proud heritage of technical expertise, Chemineer engineers and field representatives apply a range of mechanical and chemical engineering resources in analyzing customers' fluid processing requirements. Once the data is gathered, it is evaluated using an extensive array of computer software analysis and modeling programs. The result is an optimized equipment configuration that best addresses the specified application requirements.

Our manufacturing operations have also incorporated the use of computers to track our orders from the time they are entered to the time they reach the shop floor. By doing so, we control both quality and cost. Our production workers are highly trained experts who use the newest machining cells to produce precision equipment for timely shipments and delivery to our customers.

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SB Side Entry Agitators offer the same ruggedness, dependability, and simplicity of design found in our other high-quality turbine agitators and mixers. The SB agitator is a belt-driven unit with features engineered for side entry.

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