Elmar has been making high-quality wireline equipment for the oil and gas industry since 1981.

A manufacturing engineer performing a product check

Creating the complete wireline solution

Our vision is to be globally recognized as the leading supplier of wireline equipment products, after-sales support, and training against which all others are measured. The Elmar™ product range covers wireline trucks and winches, masts, wireline pressure control equipment, slickline tools, flow control equipment, hydraulic control units, and tubular products. High-quality Elmar, DynaWinch™, Artex™, and ASEP™ equipment are manufactured in our five major plants. We can provide a wireline service with the full package it needs to perform an intervention—from the winch unit to the pressure control to the tools. We have equipment to suit any need, but the one thing all our products share is their reliability.