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Greerco High Shear Mixers

Revolutionizing the agitation industry

We pride ourselves on highly effective, high-speed, and high-shear technology with proven success

The Greerco line of high shear mixers is designed to provide many years of reliable, dependable service. We distinguish ourselves from competitors with our pioneering spirit, technological innovations, and willingness to partner with customers on mixer solutions.

Providing mixing and shear in emulsion, dispersion, and colloidal applications using an axial in/out rotor and stator system, the Greerco line offers tank-mounted homogenizers, in-line colloid mills, and pipeline for applications in the food, cosmetic, oil and gas, polymer, and chemical processing industries.

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As globally recognized brands known for innovation in designing and manufacturing fluid agitation equipment and systems, Chemineer, Kenics, Greerco, and Prochem offer high-quality service and proven reliability that fit right in with our FMS portfolio. Trust us to provide fluid-handling solutions to meet your operational needs and specifications.

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