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Pioneers of offshore engineering, constantly working toward a more sustainable future

The pioneers of offshore engineering

With more than 150 years of experience and a rich history of innovation in the maritime industry, our experienced, reputable designers and engineers translate science and technical knowledge into realistic, creative ideas to help solve the unique challenges presented by the Offshore Wind and Oil & Gas markets.

Through our operational support and engineering consultancy, we help to further optimize the performance of new and existing jack-ups, vessels, and semi submersibles to enable safe and efficient operations at sea.

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We support all lifetime phases.

New challenges call for new ideas. We recognize the challenges and unpredictability of the offshore environment and understand that when it comes to offshore solutions and equipment, one size doesn't fit all. Our designs are based on decades of experience and a deep knowledge of the technical and operational aspects involved in at-sea operations.

We provide engineering services during each phase of our designs and equipment, allowing us to increase our understanding of the practical and operational aspects of our mobile offshore units and equipment and further improve our portfolio through advanced technology and innovative solutions.

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NOV employee wearing PPE looking at offshore engineering equipment
GustoMSC engineers with floating wind model
GustoMSC offices with models
Offshore jack-up rig

Customized solutions. Unique advantages. Experienced partners.

Our advanced engineering capabilities, outstanding ability to cooperate with customers and industry partners, and our realistic, innovative approach to problem-solving set us apart from others on the market.

Our broad portfolio of services and basic designs for jack-ups, semi-submersibles, and vessels provide solutions for offshore exploration, construction, installation, and production. With a customizable blend of design and integrated equipment, we offer solutions as unique as the challenges presented.

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We believe in a sustainable future.

The industry relies on our expertise and technology to continually improve operations and advance the energy transition toward a more sustainable future. We are all stakeholders in the progress of our industry, and it will take combined efforts across numerous energy sources to drive the innovation required to meet the world’s ever-evolving energy needs.

At GustoMSC, our goal is to limit our impact on the environment and help our partners to find more sustainable solutions. As pioneers in the offshore wind energy market, we invest in innovative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint in the offshore oil and gas markets.

Read more about our sustainability goals here.
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The Netherlands
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