Designers and engineers of mobile offshore units and equipment that focus on safe and efficient operations at sea for a more sustainable future

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The pioneers of offshore engineering

Founded in the 1860’s, GustoMSC are experienced and reputable designers and engineers of mobile offshore units and equipment, with a long and rich history in the maritime industry.

In close cooperation with our clients, we translate experience, science, and technical knowledge into realistic and innovative ideas to solve customers’ unique challenges – an approach ingrained in our culture.

By our operational support and engineering consultancy, the performance of new and existing jack-ups, vessels, and semi-submersibles is further optimized.

GustoMSC enables and supports safe and efficient operations at sea.

Our solutions

The most efficient solution possible needs to be found for our existing operations at sea, while new challenges call for innovative ideas. Our designs of Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs) and equipment are based on decades of experience and an in-depth knowledge of all the technical and operational aspects involved. Our experience and knowledge also enable us to provide engineering services during the operational support phase of our designs and equipment. These real-world engineering jobs increase our understanding of the practical and operational aspects of MOUs and their equipment, allowing us to further improve our own designs and equipment and create value with advanced technology.

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Group of NOV employees wearing FRCs providing mobile offshore operational support

Optimizing performance

In more than 200 projects per year, GustoMSC provides services for units and equipment in operation. Our team of multi-disciplinary engineers applies their skills, experience, and dedicated tools to ensure effective operational support.

  • Project support: site specific assessments and operability, jack-up technology, DP and mooring station keeping analysis, CFD simulations, etc.
  • Upgrades and conversions: integration of new equipment, repurposing, leg extensions, crane upgrades, spudcan modifications, fatigue utilization
  • On-board services: inspections, testing, commissioning, assistance during rig moves, deadweight surveys and inclining tests
  • 24/7 help desk: customer queries and troubleshooting
  • Training: hands on and in-depth jacking, fixation, and skidding training programs
  • Spare parts: worldwide delivery of spare parts, and diagnostic and repair services
  • Digital services: operational guidance based on real-time equipment data, remote monitoring and troubleshooting, and log file analysis and health checks
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We distinguish ourselves through

  • Advanced engineering capabilities
  • Outstanding cooperation skills
  • Realistic and innovative ideas
GustoMSC Unique Advantages

Our unique advantages

With a multi-faceted product and services portfolio consisting of basic designs of jack-ups, semi-submersibles and vessels for offshore exploration, offshore wind, construction, and production, and by marrying design and equipment, we offer solutions to our client's unique challenges.

Sea Installer Challenger at Borssele offshore wind farm

Our designs at work

Ideas may start on paper, but our designs are brought to life each day as they serve the marine and offshore industries. View our reference list of field-proven designs and vessels.

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MOUs delivered

MOUs under construction

Jacking systems

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GustoMSC engineers with floating wind model
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Striving for a sustainable future

Our goal is to limit our impact on the environment and to help our partners find solutions to mitigate environmental risks. We firmly believe that by conducting our operations in a responsible way, we can contribute to a sustainable future.

We are enablers in the offshore wind energy market. We continuously invest in innovative solutions that reduce the carbon footprint in the offshore oil & gas markets.

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