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Hydra Rig is the world’s leading manufacturer of coiled tubing, nitrogen, and snubbing equipment.

Coiled tubing unit drilling for oil

Quality and performance since 1973

With over 1,800 coiled tubing units, 2,500 injectors, 1,900 nitrogen units, and 200 snubbing units delivered worldwide, our equipment meets the demand for rugged and dependable operations across all applications and environments.

On-demand Webinars

Upclose angled image of a CT Injector during field maintenance

Essential CT Injector Field Maintenance

Optimize injector uptime by examining the importance of injector cleaning, lubrication, gripper block care, and how improving these practices extends the operating life of your equipment in between service intervals.

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Coiled tubing unit drilling for oil

Hydraulic Oil Selection Impacts on System Health and Performance

Experts share important considerations for selecting the proper type and grade of hydraulic oil for your Hydra Rig systems—and help dispel myths regarding ambient temperature and viscosity.

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