M/D Totco

The leader in real-time drilling instrumentation, visualization solutions, and data delivery

Vintage image of MD Totco gauges on a National rig

The Martin-Decker Corporation was created in 1928 when Elmer Decker and Frosty Martin bought out the Loomis Oilwell Control Company. Over the years, the company introduced innovations such as the first successful commercial weight indicator. Totco (the Technical Oil Tool Corporation) was founded in 1929 in order to manufacture a mechanical drift recorder, and the name Totco soon became an industry term for the recorder. Varco acquired both Martin-Decker and Totco in 1990 to form M/D Totco™. This combined expertise allowed M/D Totco to fulfill the industry's instrumentation and control system needs. Since its creation, M/D Totco’s broad range of drilling instrumentation has met worldwide certification requirements, supported industry-standard data protocols, and has had an extensive training and field-operations infrastructure, with solutions that are designed to provide the most accurate and dependable data to help your teams make confident, well-informed decisions.