Since 1960 we have made our mark as your leading manufacturer and supplier of fracturing and stimulation equipment.

A Rolligon Frac Pumping Spread in action

A premier manufacturer of fracturing equipment, software, and controls

Our manufacturing capabilities provide fracturing, acidizing, cementing, and coiled tubing support equipment that our customers can depend on. Whether for a complete hydraulic fracturing spread, cementing units, acidizing units, coiled tubing support pumps, or data acquisition systems, Rolligon provides specialized expertise in upgrading or standardizing your equipment’s controls to help improve your efficiency and curb operational costs. Designed for simplistic operation, our control systems feature ruggedized, field-proven hardware and an operator-friendly interface. With a complete package offering, all systems will communicate with each other to incorporate similar control logic and appearance, giving your operators familiarity with all systems after being trained on just one. With 24-hour field and technical support, you can count on our controls.

Download our software and controls catalog and our pressure pumping equipment brochure to learn more about Rolligon’s software and equipment capabilities.