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Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Solutions

Trust our process expertise and integrated systems for supporting your CCUS strategies.

Changing the economics of CCUS with engineering ingenuity

We understand the complexities operators and industry emitters across the globe face in selecting a partner for CCUS projects of any scale. With more than three decades of global process engineering and gas treatment expertise, NOV can engineer, design, and fully execute built-for-purpose carbon capture systems for many industry applications.

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Cost leadership and flexible technology base to support a wide range of applications

Our multi-faceted capabilities support you throughout the entire CCUS value chain:

  • Established execution and global supply chain models featuring local, low-cost fabrication decreases delivery times.
  • Experience in standardized system and equipment packages drives your efficiency.
  • Precision with large-scale projects mitigates risks associated with engineering design and project management.
  • Research and development activity keeps you involved with the latest CCUS technology advancements.
  • Vast well construction capabilities for geological storage streamline your vendor operations.

With additional CCUS value chain capabilities including transport, offshore offloading, and geological storage, our industry-leading solutions support your CCUS operations and strategies every step of the way. Our portfolio for CCUS is expanding to meet the demands of our customers and include:

  • Post-combustion carbon capture systems
  • CO2 dehydration systems
    • Triethylene glycol (TEG) gas dehydration
    • Molecular sieves
    • BASF Sorbead®
  • CO2 conditioning systems
  • CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Vessel designs for CO2 storage, transportation, and injection
  • Vessels for storage and transportation
  • CO2 composite pipeline
  • Offshore offloading and injection systems
  • Drilling equipment for onshore and offshore CO2 injection and storage
  • Repurposing and upgrading topsides, rigs, and platforms for EOR and/or geological CO2 storage in mature oil and gas fields

Trusted leadership in gas processing

Our selected references for gas sweetening and dehydration projects gives you confidence that we can support your carbon emissions strategies with integrated, fit-for-purpose systems and solutions.

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Our portfolio of CCUS solutions

Post Combustion Carbon Capture System render

Post-combustion carbon capture system

With more than three decades of global process engineering and gas treatment expertise, NOV can engineer, design, and fully execute built-for-purpose carbon capture systems for many industry applications. Leveraging our expertise in gas processing technologies allows us to select from a technology pool that includes solvents and membranes to provide the optimal solution for the relevant application.

CO2 dehydration and conditioning system

CO2 deoxygenation, dehydration, and conditioning systems

We offer flexible CO2 dehydration technology options using TEG and adsorbents to capture water from CO2. Depending on project requirements, we can design systems based on molecular sieves and silica gel. For CO2 stream deoxygenation, we use a highly efficient catalyst-based system.

Because of our decades of experience in gas processing, we can select cost-effective solutions which result in your optimal performance and operations.

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Offshore vessels, offloading, and injection systems

In addition to CO2 static and dynamic high-pressure flexible pipes, we provide turret mooring systems for transporting and injecting CO2 into offshore reservoirs. We also develop vessel designs that integrate our technologies into safe and efficient overall solutions.

STAR Fiberglass Pipe Ditch Closeup

Composite solutions for carbon capture and transportation

For more than 70 years, our fiberglass pipe has been used in CO2 injection lines, high and low pressure pipelines, ductwork, and other challenging carbon capture and transportation applications.

Composite solutions bring excellent corrosion resistance without the additional cost of cathodic protections or coatings traditional metallic materials require.

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Well construction for CO2 injection and storage wells

Our full-suite of drilling technologies can activate depleted wells or drill new wells for CO2 storage. We offer a complete suite of tubulars and bottom hole assembly (BHA) tools, as well as drilling optimization services.

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