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Geothermal Solutions

Reliable technologies and efficient service for your geothermal projects

The geothermal market has established itself as a leading segment of green energy initiatives around the world, and these projects rely on specialized technologies and services to extract heat from wells. With our global reach and innovative product portfolio, NOV is uniquely positioned to support the growth of geothermal operations worldwide.

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We’ve maintained a solid presence in the drive for renewable energy, delivering proven products, reliable services, and engineering expertise for geothermal applications for several decades.

Whether you’re an operator independently completing geothermal wells, a drilling contractor seeking to expand your capabilities, or a service company in need of specialized tools, we work with you to provide services and equipment that help complete your wells as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Geothermal solutions

The right geothermal solutions

Your geothermal drilling projects require tools and equipment that can withstand high temperatures and hard, heterogeneous rocks. As a leading manufacturing company, we know how to design fit-for-purpose technologies that deliver success in harsh environments. Along with our robust, reliable tools, and our global support network, we work with you to select the right products that ensure performance improvements in your operations.

Our history of success is built on our extensive portfolio of technologies, and we offer more than 70 products and services to address your geothermal needs. This geothermal toolbox allows us to collaborate as an active partner in the development of your assets or to serve as a comprehensive, turnkey provider for your projects. With a range of customized business models, we leverage multiple NOV product lines to empower your efforts around integrated geothermal solutions, helping you tackle your toughest operational and financial challenges.

Delivering performance around the world

We’ve seen sustained success in geothermal applications across many of these product lines, including Phoenix™ drill bits, liner hangers with TK-liner, XL Systems connectors, and land drilling rigs just to name a few.

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Phoenix Series Drill Bits for Geothermal Drilling Applications

Drill bits

ReedHycalog’s drill bits have drilled some of the longest and fastest intervals in geothermal wells around the world. From a 67% higher ROP with a single bit run in New Zealand to drilling 8% farther and 36% faster in an Indonesian operation, we’re positioned to equip you with the most advanced drilling technologies for your geothermal applications.

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TK liner

Liner hangers with TK-liner

With more than 30 years of proven technology customized to serve demanding geothermal well construction in Europe, we understand the need for large-bore liner hanger systems in these applications. Our 9 5/8- to 16-in. liner hangers are deployed and cemented into these wells. Our TK™-Liner glass-reinforced epoxy (GRE) lined-casing is installed in these same wells, resulting in an engineered solution that overcomes corrosion, reduces heat loss, and minimizes friction. We’ve delivered liner hanger success in 184 projects and counting, from The Netherlands to Poland. We have a broad portfolio for geothermal applications, with products to support 16-in. cemented liner applications to 6 5/8-in. gravel packing solutions, as well as the geothermal expertise required to solve your well construction challenges.

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XL Connectors

XL connectors

XL Systems supplies flush OD/ID XLF connectors with an internal pressure seal that’s suited to provide exceptional performance and reliability in geothermal applications around the world. Since 2011, we have supplied 5,414 ft of 30 x 0.75-in. X56 XLF and 7,212 ft of 24 x 0.75-in. X56 XLF for five projects in New Zealand geothermal applications alone.

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Ideal Prime Rig in Navasota, Texas

Land drilling rigs

The complexity of a geothermal well demands that drilling solutions be advanced, proven, simple, and clean. NOV provides completely integrated drilling technologies for a wide range of geothermal applications that have a minimal footprint during installation and operation.

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