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Lithium Extraction

Reliable products and field proven-technology for handling mineral-rich brine

The market for extracting lithium from mineral-rich brine has emerged as a promising contributor in the growing demand for lithium products. This growth requires cutting-edge technologies and services that can efficiently extract lithium from brine while managing the caustic nature of the production process. Leveraging our extensive expertise in composite solutions and fluid handling systems, NOV is well-equipped to support this market and the extraction of lithium worldwide.

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Composite Solutions

We know handling mineral-rich brine is not easy and only the toughest equipment can handle the job. Our corrosion-resistant piping systems and tanks have been used in a variety of applications such as brine handling, lithium chloride, acid and chemical handling, bioreactor systems, fire water, cooling water, and many others. Composite solutions reduce maintenance and eliminate the need for exotic alloys, providing the long-term performance needed in lithium extraction projects.

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Close up of Chemineer equipment

Mixing Technologies

As globally recognized brands known for innovation in designing and manufacturing fluid agitation equipment and systems, Chemineer, Kenics, Greerco, and Prochem offer high-quality service and proven reliability that fit right in with our FMS portfolio. Trust us to provide fluid-handling solutions to meet your operational needs and specifications.

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Mono Moyno equipment at NOV facility

Pumping Technologies

As global leaders in the design and development of progressing cavity pumps, our Moyno/Mono fluid-handling solutions offer superior performance for cross-industry and oil and gas applications. Our industry-leading pump ranges, together with our grinders, screens, and packaged systems, continue to deliver unsurpassed reliability.

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Fluid Motion Solutions: Solving Tomorrow's Problems, Today


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