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Offshore Wind

Leveraging vast experience in offshore fields to minimize risk in offshore wind developments

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Experienced partners. Enduring performance. New power.

As clean, carbon-neutral energy production matures, we continue to help our customers produce efficient energy that empowers the industry. We apply our engineering expertise, which is deeply rooted in marine and offshore operations, to take advantage of the forces produced by the wind on high seas. Taking a practical approach, we are able to provide sustainable solutions for fixed and floating wind operations.

With more than 50 years of experience discovering the offshore playing field, we’ve gained invaluable knowledge of how to best optimize solutions in the harshest environments around the world, from the entire construction process to the logistics supply chain and the field lifecycle. We are driven to utilize expertise and competences that accelerate the development of renewable energy sources, with a first focus on fixed and floating wind.

We unite design, engineering, and superior technologies to provide installation and maintenance for fixed and floating wind, as well as our Tri-Floater design, which acts as the foundation for floating wind turbines. Our solutions include:

  • Tailored design, jacking, and crane solutions
  • Leading jack-up technology and jacking systems
  • Optimized system integration of design, equipment, and cranes
  • Technical consultancy and operational support
  • Mooring systems
  • Heavy lift cranes
  • 3D motion compensation
  • Installation machinery and tools
  • Cable lay systems
  • Fiberglass transport pipes and tertiary structures
  • Dynamic flexible pipes and subsea technologies
  • Monopile & transition piece inspections, operations, and maintenance

Two-thirds of the North Sea’s wind turbines are installed with an NOV designed jack-up

Every windfarm project is unique, from logistics to water depth and budget. Whether it’s shallow water or deep water, we offer a variety of solutions to help solve your unique challenges.

Fixed wind

As the world market leader in jack-up designs and associated equipment, we provide a safe, stable, and solid platform to handle heavy and delicate components. Lifting to extreme heights while technicians work in the same area, we prioritize the safety of installation and maintenance.

Floating wind

Going deeper and larger than ever before, our Tri-Floater design is ready for full-scale offshore application and commercialization when it can unlock massive energy potential. The Tri-floater design provides the wind turbine foundation and is based on a proven semisubmersible technology that was developed for the offshore oil and gas industry.

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3D render of a mooring system for a tri-floater system
Mooring System
Composite Engineering, Piping and Structures
A 3D render of a GustoMSC SC-14000XL in a body of water
Heavy Lift Cranes
Cable Lay Systems
Tensioners and Connectors


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