Energy Transition

Staying true to our roots while continuing to evolve, NOV helps our customers produce energy no matter the source.

We get energy.

NOV has a long and proud legacy of innovation and technology dating back to the earliest days of the oilfield. Building on that history, we continue to provide technology-driven solutions that empower the global energy industry. As the world expands its energy portfolio to lower-carbon sources, our core engineering, manufacturing and project management expertise will continue to offer new and exciting opportunities within this transition.

The energy industry relies on NOV’s expertise and technology to continually improve operations and advance the energy transition toward a more sustainable future.

Enabling the world’s energy transition

Precision at scale

We build extremely large structures and equipment that move with high precision.

Durable under extreme conditions

Our technology offers stability in extreme weather and harsh environments.

Performance with agility and skill

We are experts at scale transport and we mechanize processes to minimize onsite intervention.

Made to last

We design our products to last and offer equipment inspections, servicing, maintenance and monitoring to ensure their long-term health.

For more than 150 years, NOV has pioneered innovations that enable customers to safely produce abundant energy while minimizing environmental impact. We continue this vision with dedicated resources and a team committed to investing and making an impact on the world’s energy transition.

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