Solar Technology

Reliable and cost-effective solar solutions to transform sunlight into energy.


Experts in energy — no matter the source

NOV is an expert in energy that delivers reliable and cost-effective solar solutions by leveraging unmatched engineering knowledge, a proven global supply chain, and technical sophistication.

ArcMinPV — Our solar solutions portfolio

Our ArcMinPV racking and tracking systems are purposefully designed to accommodate unique project-specific geographical, topographic, and climate obstacles.

Combined with our knowledge and know-how in large project development, integrated custom packages, and a long history of working closely with customers to deliver solutions, ArcMinPV creates new options in renewable energy technology for solar utilities, developers, and EPC’s.


NOV’s GeoPro fixed-tilt solar rack, a low-cost and quick-to-deliver product, is trusted in more than 2 GW of installations. The fixed tilt design solves several ground-mount challenges and has a low cost and short lead time due to its module-dependent design. Wind, terrain, and weather don’t deter GeoPro, and the agility that the design provides can enable last-minute project changes, and customer flexibility.

GeoPro Technical Specification Sheet
Close up of solar panels from the bottom up, with a view of the sky
NOV technician working on solar panels


Reduce your total project cost by introducing TechTrack’s dynamic design and unmatched site flexibility. Increased tracking and lightweight design features yield better results and less field work. Patented Dynamic Stabilization™ reacts in real time to field conditions, giving you a secure and reliable performance.

TechTrack Technical Specification Sheet