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Collage of the sun over clouds, a foggy morning over a forest, and a solar panel field

Solar Energy

Innovative solutions to transform sunlight into energy for industry operations.

Solar Word Art

Using experience to harness new forms of renewable energy

Solar energy is the most abundant source of energy on earth. NOV has multiple solutions for capturing, converting, storing, and using solar power for various applications and operations. As the growth and development of solar energy continues, we are designing and implementing new ways to make energy transformation a reality.

Average annual growth of solar

Global solar capacity installed

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Field of solar panels

We are launching our ArcMinPV line of solar fixed tilt racking, solar trackers, and digital solutions. For inquiries or support, please contact us:

Sales: [email protected]

Service and support: [email protected]

Above ground shot of water pump with solar panel

Mono™ Water Pumping Systems

Reliability is the cornerstone of a Mono™ Pumps Solar system as they’re designed to operate without any human interference in the remotest parts of the world. Our solar-powered water pumping systems pump water from boreholes, wells, lakes, or rivers where electric or diesel power is unavailable or unreliable. With plentiful source of solar energy, our Mono™ Sun-Ray SRX solar pump and Sun-Sub submersible pump is the most recognizable name in the market.

Inquiries or Support: [email protected]

Solar Water Pumps
Solar water pump technician
solar panel in field
TechTrack underside
TechTrack Slewdrive
TechTrack postsize panels at solar farm
Aerial shot of a TTD site
TechTrack bearings
Back view of TechTrack solar panels