100-ft Zone-1 DNV Wireline Mast

Maximize your productive time on the wellsite with a robust and efficient Zone-1 DNV wireline mast.


Robust and fast rig-up design for heavy-duty operations

Maximize the value of every run in the hole with the ability to convey longer tool strings and pull higher loads with our Elmar™ 100-ft heavy-duty mast. With fast rig-up times of 15 minutes, as well as being rated to operate in wind speeds of up to 60 mph, this mast allows you to start quickly and continue to work safely when conditions deteriorate, maximizing your productive time on the wellsite.

Fully hydraulically operated, the Elmar 100-ft Zone-1 DNV wireline mast covers all your logging and fishing needs, with variable operating heights, from 26.5 ft (8.1 m) up to a maximum under hook height of 96.2 ft (29.3 m) and a mighty column load rating of 30,000 lb.

DNV certified, CE marked, ATEX Zone-1 approved, and with optional NORSOK compliance, this wireline mast allows you to operate your mast asset anywhere it’s needed. A range of power pack options completes the package, making it perfectly tailored to fit your operations.

With 30-years’ experience in mast design, we know quality, reliability, safety, performance, and certification go hand in hand.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast rig-up design gets you fully operational in 15 minutes
  • Three hydraulically operated winches to cover all operational needs: 5-tonne for hanging the wireline sheave, 3-tonne utility winch, and 2-tonne utility winch
  • Comprehensive safety systems to keep your crew safe
  • EC-type approved man rider winch with slackwire and last-wrap shutdown systems
  • Wireless high-hook shutdown system to maximize reliability with no electrical connections needed to the horse’s head
  • Aeronautical obstruction light, 12V battery powered with recharging system and twilight sensor
  • Six-section hydraulically operated telescoping column to 90 ft with 10-ft extension jib when needed
  • Wide operational weather window with a 60-mph wind speed rating
  • DNV certified, ATEX Zone-1 approved, and CE marked
  • Elmar Product Catalog

100 ft Wireline Mast View
100 ft DNV Wireline Mast
100 ft Wireline Mast Winch
100 ft Wireline Mast Control Panel
100 ft Wireline Mast Erect
Horses Head

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