10K Dual-Ram ITBOP

Monitor high-pressure applications and achieve greater well control with our blowout preventers.


We provide an extensive portfolio of blowout preventers for well control and monitoring high-pressure applications with various ram options.


  • Standard models are NACE compliant
  • Integral Flow Tee reduces stack height
  • All-steel construction eliminates risk of casting porosity

10K Dual-Ram ITBOP Ram Specifications

Note: Rams are directional. Rams cannot be removed and turned upside down to change top by bottom connection orientation.
Top connection 2.5625-in. 10K API studded
Bottom connection 2.5625-in. 10K API flanged
Vertical bore 2.59 in.
Working pressure 10,000 psi
Body and cap material Alloy steel
Ram material Alloy steel
Ram screw and packing gland Alloy steel
Ram size options Blind, 1.25 and 1.50 in.
Ram screw packing ring HSN (HNBR)
Side outlet connections 2.0625-in. 10K API studded
Height 18.5 in.
Weight 334 lb
Width (rams open/closed) 23.45/20.64 in.

10K Dual-Ram ITBOP Specifications

Note: Below temperatures are suggested maximum short-term ratings and should not be considered as a continuous operating temperature.
Ram material AISI 4130
Ram seal HSN
Maximum temperature 325 °F (163 °C)
Maximum H2S 10%
Maximum CO2 20%
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