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2000 HS Pump System

The 2000 HS System combines high pump efficiency with low discharge pressure to provide unmatched performance in high-solids sludge cake transfer.

A render of a 2000-HS System
  • Description Description

Compared to hydraulically driven, piston ram-type pumps and open conveyors, the 2000 HS System requires a much lower capital investment, lower operating costs, and less maintenance.


  • Capable of varying auger sizes without changing pump arrangement to match the width of the TSF opening to the drop zone
  • Concentric rotation in a close tolerance pressure tube allows the TSF to generate positive stuffing pressure to the pump inlet (normally 10 to 30 psi at the pump inlet)
  • Dual augers counter-rotate to create a pull-down effect with the product
  • Intermeshing augers provide self-cleaning action so product will not stick to the augers and fill in the flights
  • Sidewalls are completely vertical into the augers, which does not allow product to bridge
  • Close tolerance to sidewalls eliminates product ledge where bridging can gain a foothold
  • TSF can be run at separate RPM from the pump, allowing control over the amount of stuffing pressure
  • Universal joint is out of flow path for unobstructed flow to pump cavity inlet
  • Wide-sweep pump inlet to lower friction loss
  • Patented auger feed on rotor head stuffs product directly into the cavity without obstruction