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K WINCH BaseReach

30- and 40-ft BaseReach Mast Unit

Save time and increase safety with this optimal and highly reliable solution for operational excellence in challenging conditions.

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Compact, smart design for maximum strength and efficiency

Highly compact, rigid, stable, and easily transported for heavy work in the most demanding environments, our ASEP™ BaseReach telescopic mast is constructed with high-grade steel. It is engineered to operate even in the harshest climates and offshore conditions.

Combined with an ASEP wireline unit, our BaseReach mast features a high safe working load designed for super light- to medium-duty slickline operations, able to withstand high side winds when in use.

Equipped with labor- and time-saving features for maximum rig-up and rig-down efficiency, its smart design allows you to be fully operational in 20 minutes. 

Features and benefits

  • Fast rig-up design, fully operational in 20 minutes
  • Column load of 3 tonne
  • Under-hook height of 37 ft (11.3 m)
  • All steel construction for maximum strength in minimum dimensions
  • One hydraulically operated winch to cover operational needs: 1.5-tonne utility winch
  • Comprehensive safety systems to keep your crew safe, including manual locking pins
  • EC-type approved winch
  • Three-section hydraulically operated telescoping column to 37 ft
  • ASEP wireline unit power pack can be used to power the mast
  • Standard operational weather window of up to 25 mph
  • Wide operational weather window with 60-mph wind speed rating with guy wires
  • Storage box for guy wires and jacking castors
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40ft BaseReach Erect
40ft BaseReach
40ft BaseReach Panel
40ft BaseReach Winch

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