36-in. Safety Pipe Wrench

The safest and most effective way for you to manually make and break threaded connections.


The only wrench on the market that can be safely used with load multipliers.

Our 36-in. Safety Pipe Wrench provides the safest, most effective means for you to manually make and break threaded connections either using two in tandem with a come-along or one wrench using a crane and a vise. Constructed with lightweight ductile materials, the design eliminates the risk of unexpected failures and is specifically designed to be more than just a hand tool. The ergonomically designed aluminum handle features two gripping locations for easy handling, and a tang and shackle for securing a crane or come-along. Sold as a single wrench or as part of a kit, the 36-in. Safety Pipe Wrench, is an essential tool for getting the job done safely and correctly the first time.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy handle – features two gripping locations for easy handling
  • Up to 4 in. outside diameter (OD) capacity – completely replaces the need for standard wrenches
  • Ductile alloy materials used – brittle failures are not a concern
  • Industry-leading load rating – up to 4,000 ft-lb torque capacity
  • Balanced carry handle – oriented for use with load scale and crane
  • Service hand kit comes complete with everything necessary to start work right away
  • 36-in. Safety Pipe Wrench Spec Sheet

Close-up of a 36-in. Safety Pipe Wrench with a dark lit background

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