3K Manual Dual-Ram ITBOP

Manage your well control and toughest applications with our dual-ram ITBOP.


Our Hercules™ 3K Manual Dual-Ram ITBOP is the latest addition to our extensive portfolio of blowout preventers (BOPs) for well control and monitoring high-pressure applications. Suitable for cyclic steam applications, our new BOP is equipped with multiple ram options and high-temperature paint and is ready to handle your toughest applications.


  • Suitable for sour service (complies with NACE MR0175)
  • Integral Flow Tee reduces stack height
  • Primed and painted for high temperature
  • Suitable for up to 450 °F cyclic steam applications

3K Manual Dual-Ram ITBOP Specifications

Maximum working pressure 3,000 psi
Top connection 3⅛ in. at 3,000 psi API studded and 3½-in. EUE threads
Bottom connection 3⅛ in. at 3,000 psi API studded
Ram size options Blind, 1¼ in., 1½ in.
Integral tee outlets 21/16 or 3⅛ in. at 3,000 psi API studded
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