5½-in. Single Manual Wireline Valve

The original pressure control equipment for open-hole operations.


Ensure positive protection during your well service operations.

Our hydraulic pack-off and line wiper are used in combination with our manual wireline valve for pressures up to 5,000 psi, providing a safe, reliable, and effective dual-barrier solution for open-hole work.

Hydraulic Pack-Off and Line Wiper

Our hydraulic pack-off and line wiper (HLWB) is designed to seal on a moving open-hole cable under pressure, directly connecting to the accompanying wireline valve using a 7-in. ACME connection.

In order to allow the wireline tools to enter the well, the internal parts can be separated, removed, and then refitted once the tools are in position. The HLWB is energized using a hand pump, which applies pressure to a rubber element surrounding the wireline, creating the seal. The split internal design means the rubber element in direct contact with the cable can be easily replaced if excessively worn during operation.

Single Manual Wireline Valve

Simple, compact, and lightweight in design, our manually operated wireline valve is used to seal a seasoned open-hole cable in the event of a well-kick or pack-off element replacement. This wireline valve incorporates an equalization valve arrangement and is opened and closed by turning the handles directly connected to the rams.

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