A series of solar panels in a field

5.5-kW Solar Pumping System

Our state-of-the-art solar pumping system uses renewable energy and operates in a range of applications like borehole, dams, and lakes to extract water.

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Our 5.5-kW solar system can be coupled to three highly popular ASP surface transfer pumps. As a result, any new or existing ASP 520, 610, or 620 pump can be converted to run throughout the day on solar using a powerful 10-kW array. Solar power is more sustainable, reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly than diesel engines.


  • No need for refueling or repairing diesel engines in remote locations
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly solution
  • More water throughout the day during hot summer periods
  • Unlike centrifugal pumps, progressive cavity pumps (PCPs) continue working in low sunlight conditions. The PCP will slow down but will continue delivering water.
  • Long pump life, even with abrasive fluids

5.5-kW Solar Pump System Components

Solar array
  • 25-yr performance warranty
  • Ground-mounted fixes for solar arrays
  • IP66 controller can withstand the harshest outdoor conditions
  • AC interface allows a generator to power the system when solar energy is not available
Progressing cavity pump
  • Continues working even in low-sunlight conditions
  • 5.5-kW Solar Pumping System Spec Sheet

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