60-in. Safety Pipe Wrench

Manually make and break threaded connections quickly and safely.


Our 60-in. safety pipe wrench provides the safest, most effective means for you to manually make and break threaded connections on downhole tools. Constructed with lightweight, ductile materials, it is designed to eliminate the risk of unexpected catastrophic wrench failure. The ergonomically designed aluminum carrying handle features four gripping locations for easy handling.


  • Lightweight aluminum alloy handle – features four gripping locations for easy handling
  • Predictable tool yield – no critical load bearing cast parts
  • Up to 8 in. outside diameter (OD) tong areas – completely replaces the need for standard wrenches
  • Ductile alloy materials used – brittle failures are not a concern
  • Industry-leading load rating – 8,500 ft-lb (3 to 8 in. OD parts), 6,500 ft-lb (0 to 3 in. OD parts)
  • Ease of inspection – tool designed for easy disassembly and inspection
  • Balanced carry handle – oriented for use with load scale and crane
  • Safety Pipe Wrench Flyer

Front view of Safety Pipe Wrench

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