70-ft SkyFold Mast

Lightweight and robust solution for efficient slickline and wireline operations.


Operational excellence with an optimal and flexible design

Designed for use as a self-supporting structure for slickline/wireline operations, our Elmar™ SkyFold mast is robust and lightweight and features a 6,000-lb line pull capacity. The SkyFold is an optimal wireline mast unit for cased hole operations.

In addition to featuring a comprehensive safety system, this highly efficient and simple to operate mast can be rigged up by two experienced operators in around 20 minutes. The mast is positioned with the help of removable jacking castors and then hydraulically erected. The SkyFold mast unit is fitted out with a hydraulic winch rated at 1 tonne. The mast features a storage box incorporated in the base frame, dedicated to hold loose items and accessories.

Despite being engineered for free-standing use, the mast should be secured to the deck with additional guy wires if used in winds above 30 mph.

Features and benefits

  • High-grade tubular construction
  • Fast rig-up design gets you fully operational in 20 minutes
  • Sheave-lock system allows upper sheave to be lowered to the ground, simplifying rigging up operations
  • Two hydraulically operated winches to cover all operational needs: 1.3-tonne utility winch and 1.3-tonne utility also rated for man-riding and emergency lowering facility
  • Jacking castors provided for ease of movement between wells on a platform
  • Comprehensive safety systems to keep your crew safe
  • Non-zoned aeronautical obstruction light, battery-powered with solar recharging system and twilight sensor
  • Three-section hydraulically operated column
  • Outriggers can be removed and replaced with guy wires in confined spaces
  • Can be operated up to 45-mph wind speed rating; 60-mph and guy wires are required
  • Elmar Product Catalog

70 ft SkyFold  Folded
70 ft SkyFold Winch
70 ft SkyFold Panel
SkyFold Power Pack

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