70-foot Zone 1 Lightweight Wireline Mast

70-ft Zone 1 Lightweight Wireline Mast

Our quick-to-erect wireline mast features a high column load rating and is designed for harsh weather conditions.

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Lightweight mast supports the load in extreme weather.

Save time, money, and production downtime with our Elmar™ 70-ft lightweight wireline mast, which is easily erected in approximately 15 minutes by just two crew members. Capable of operating in wind gusts up to 60 mph, our wireline mast can stand harsh weather, giving you a wide operational window and reducing downtime due to weather delays.

With fully variable operating heights of 27 to 70 ft and a high column load rating of 20,000 lbf, this versatile mast is designed for the tough and demanding conditions of the oilfield.

Our reliable mast is fitted with two hydraulic winches rated at 2 tons each, with the second winch also certified as a Man Rider—both winches are equipped with an internal brake and a fast wind position for speed and safety. The mast is designed for fast rig up and free-standing use in winds up to 30 mph, with additional guy ropes provided when weather conditions worsen.

Easy to erect, proven in poor weather conditions, and offering versatile height capability, our mast is not only an unquestionable asset for your well servicing operations, but it comes with quality and reliability as standard

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Elmar 70-foot Zone 1 Lightweight Wireline Mast Folded Green
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Elmar 70-foot Zone 1 Lightweight Wireline Mast Winch
High performance winches with Man Rider function
Elmar 70-foot Zone 1 Lightweight Wireline Mast Panel
Hydraulic intensifier power pack

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