80-ft Zone-1 Lightweight Lattice Section Wireline Mast

Reduce non-productive time and save costs with the heliportable lightweight aluminum lattice section wireline mast.


Efficient and safe offshore and onshore well interventions

Maximize your offshore- and onshore-based well intervention work with our Elmar™ Zone-1 heliportable lightweight aluminum lattice section wireline mast. The lightweight and modular design provide a simplified rig-up and rig-down process, reducing rig-up time to 20 minutes when performed by two operators.

Transported in three lifts, each weighing less than 3,000 lb, and easily assembled on-site, the mast’s column is modular in design, allowing the working height of the mast to vary from 25 to 80 ft, depending on the number of column sections installed.

Operatable in wind speeds of up to 60 mph, the column has an SWL of 20,000 lb, whereas the mast requires an external power pack.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast rig-up design, gets you fully operational in 20 minutes
  • All-steel construction for maximum strength in minimum dimensions
  • Two two-tonne hydraulically operated utility winches to cover all operational needs
  • EC-type approved winch
  • 9-section hydraulically operated lattice column to 80 ft
  • Column section transport frame
  • Hydraulically driven intensifier
  • Wide operational weather window with 60-mph wind speed rating with guy wires
  • Outriggers can be removed and replaced with guy wires in confined rig-ups
  • Mast and hydraulic driven intensifier can be connected and lifted as one
  • Elmar Product Catalog

80 ft Lightweight Detail
80 ft Lightweight Erect
80 ft Lightweight Column
80 ft Lightweight Column Frame
80 ft Lightweight Panel
80 ft Lightweight Column Sections
80 ft Lightweight Power Pack

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