8026 TorqueMaster Machine

Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, the TorqueMaster takes care of your tools so you can maximize the results of your drilling operations.


The TorqueMaster™ 8026 unit is a self-contained freestanding hydraulically powered unit designed for fast and accurate makeup or breakout of threaded connections on drilling tools, tubular goods, and related equipment. The unit can greatly increase efficiency of offshore drilling operations and provides make/break capabilities that increase production offline from the drill floor. This way, the rig will spend more time doing what it does best—drilling.

A safe, customizable, and easy-to-use makeup and breakout unit

Following an industry-recognized practice for making and breaking tubular tool joint connections, the self-contained TorqueMaster 8026 runs off its own HPU, increasing safety and ease-of-use with by being able to be operated by one person.

The full line of accessories for the TorqueMaster unit can be chosen and configured to suit your service and space requirements, making it a fully customizable makeup and breakout unit. It also has the option of being mounted on a lifting-certified skid, so it can be easily moved around the pipedeck with a crane to accommodate other equipment and operations.

The TorqueMaster’s flexibility enables rig personnel to adjust bottomhole assembly (BHA) and/or tool configurations on-the-fly and to respond more quickly and more effectively to changes occurring downhole. And by providing accurate information, the TorqueMaster unit ensures your critical connections are torqued to their required values and minimizes the possibility of a connection backing off downhole.

  • 8026 TorqueMaster Machine Technical Summary

A back view of an open 8026 TorqueMaster Unit
A side view of an open 8026 TorqueMaster Unit
A view of the platform as part of an 8026 TorqueMaster Unit
A technician operates the 8026 TorqueMaster Unit
A closeup of the front of an 8026 TorqueMaster Unit
A view down the length of an 8026 TorqueMaster Unit