95-ft Truck-Mounted Wireline Mast

Reduce rig-up time and maximize safety with a robust and efficient truck-mounted wireline mast.


Optimal solution for remote heavy-duty wireline operations

Complete with a self-contained compressor unit, our Elmar™ 95-ft mast truck is designed for heavy-duty wireline operations on land wells and is ideally suited for remote operations.

With a column load of 15.9 tonnes, this DNV approved and certified mast consists of three lattice sections. The top two are hydraulically extendable to give the mast an operating height of 95 ft, and hydraulic locking dogs securing the sections, ensuring safety while erected. The tail-lift platform allows safe access to the wellhead while the floodlights keep the deck illuminated.

Our Elmar 95-ft truck-mounted wireline mast is designed to be installed on a Renault 6 x 6 chassis or with the option of your preferred chassis. The solution offers various optional enhancements, including a built-in grease and hydraulic control module along with storage facilities for wireline pressure control equipment (WPCE) rig-up equipment as well as a pressure test unit—all designed to enhance your operations.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast rig-up design gets you fully operational in 30 minutes
  • Column load of 15.9 tonnes
  • Heavy-duty latticework construction
  • Coach-built truck tray complete with storage cupboards and access to deck
  • Guard rails, floodlight, and sheave lock
  • Control station for winch and mast operations
  • Hydraulic stabilizers and mast load indicator
  • Three DNV EU compliant hydraulically operated winch to cover operational needs: two 2-tonne utility winches, one 2-tonne sheave-lock/utility winch
  • Comprehensive safety systems to keep your crew safe, including hydraulic locking dogs
  • Three-section hydraulically operated telescoping column to 95 ft
  • Pressure equipment storage area
  • Wide operational weather window with 60-mph wind speed rating with guy wires
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95 ft Truck Mounted Mast Erect
95 ft Truck Mounted Mast Module
95 ft Truck Mounted Mast HIAB
95 ft Truck Mounted Mast on Location

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