Active Cooler

We supply both passive and active coolers to optimize thermal management of fluids during production, transport, and refining.


The subsea active cooler is the first of its kind; its light, compact design offers a high degree of temperature control. It is a shell and tube cooler based on forced convection. The pump, motor, and power control configuration is the first qualified subsea design of its kind, in which the oil-filled motor is isolated from the pump by a magnetic coupling. The pump module, which includes a variable-frequency drive (VFD) motor controller, is designed for a subsea installation down to 3000 m. The motor is speed controlled, which makes it possible to operate the cooler within a predefined temperature range. The variable-speed drive (VSD) and control system is fully redundant and is qualified according to ISO 13628-6.


  • Use of field-proven topside cooler technology
  • Compact, light, and cost efficient
  • Controlled cooling through the incorporation of temperature sensors and control of forced convection pump speed
  • Lower surface temperature of the tubes gives reduced risk for scaling
  • Flow assurance benefits
  • Provides a closed environment, which is advantageous for maintenance operations such as acid cleaning

The subsea active cooler enables:

  • Inlet cooling to increase compressor efficiency period
  • Post-cooling to prevent pipeline overheating
  • Interstate cooling and/or anti-surge cooling