Active Pipeline Support

Increase capacity with our patented technology for tie-in points.


Active Pipe Support (APS) reduces loads from pipelines into hubs and connectors, increasing the capacity for tie-in points. As a patented technology for pipe supports, APS minimizes loads on spools, pipelines, and end structures/connectors. APS is adjustable and available in different sizes, and it may be delivered with different types of foundation based on soil data.


  • Minimize loads on spools, pipelines, and connectors
  • Type 120 A and B and Type 450 and 600
  • Scalable to new sizes
  • Patented, field-proven solutions

Where we are

  • Ichthys, Australia (Saipem + Inpex) – Type 450 APS
  • Pluto, Australia (FMC + Woodside) – Type 450 APS for 20-in. pipelines
  • Ormen Lange, North Sea (FMC + Statoil) – Type 600 APS for Ormen Lange 30-in.