Adjustable Choke B-29

In order to achieve a complete and tailored configuration for the production service hookup, we offer a range of products to suit the needs of your application.


In order to address operator challenges of well control, we provide an adjustable choke. Our abrasive and resistant design provides a safe mechanism for your production requirements.


  • Thumb screw secures stem setting position 
  • Stem can be lubricated with standard grease gun 
  • Available carbide trim for increased abrasion resistance 
  • Stainless-steel model available by special order for NACE applications

Adjustable Choke B-29 Specifications


2 × 2 in. LP

Working pressure

2,000 psi

Maximum orifice size

¾ in.

Height (open / closed)

17⅝ in./16⅜ in.


20 lb


Note: Adjustable chokes are not intended to be used as shutoff valves.